Alice Pasquini (IT)

Alice Pasquini is a multimedia artist from Rome whose affectionate street art explores the brighter side of human relationships. Pasquini’s art revolves around the topics of femininity, encompassing murals, paintings, and illustrations which tell stories about various acts of kindness and love.


Street artist, painter, illustrator and set designer, Alice has developed a multitude of artistic expressions, from narrative-based, pastel-toned murals to her most recent series of installations created from found materials.


A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Alice obtained an MA in critical art studies from the Universidad Computense before spending time in Great Britain, France, and Spain developing her practice. Sydney, New York, Barcelona, Oslo, Moscow, Paris, Copenhagen, Marrakech, Berlin, Saigon, London, and Rome are some of the cities where her work can be found.



2017 — Design by Studio Bergini — Code by Tortuga Labs