Conference Day 1


Where Heritage Meets Art

Dr. Fiona-Jane Brown (UK) / Pedro Soares Neves (PT)


In these two presentations, Dr Fiona-Jane Brown and Pedro Soares Neves speak about their experiences nurturing, creating and co-opting “sites of special interest” through intrusive and non-intrusive forms of art and performance in heritage-listed city Aberdeen and Lisbon respectively.


Dr Fiona-Jane Brown is a folklorist, educator, storyteller and founder of Hidden Aberdeen Tours. She holds a PhD in Ethnology from the Elphinstone Institute, Aberdeen’s centre for the study of North-East Scottish folklore, and was an active member of the former Aberdeen Oral History Association (AROHA), which specialised in training and supporting local groups involved in reminiscence projects.


Pedro Soares Neves is a researcher, designer and urbanist who has undertaken multi-disciplinary academic training in Lisbon, Barcelona and Rome. He is the co-creator of the first academic journal dedicated to graffiti and street art, Street & Urban Creativity, International Research Topic, and mentor to several international institutions about their approach to urban art.

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